Launching February 1st 2009

Have you spent ages designing new levels for Marsquake? Or perhaps spent far too long designing HOMMII levels? Or even gone the whole hog and have dedicated your entire life to creating new Repton Infinity games?

levels@acornarcade is a new subsite of Acorn Arcade dedicated to bringing these level sets together. We can host them on the site, or simply provide a link to them if you prefer - it's up to you. We're interested in anything, as long as it's for a game that runs on any Acorn (or Acorn-derivative) computer - anything from an Atom to an Iyonix. (Hell, even a System 1.) Games that have been ported from Linux or Windows are included.

Licensing conditions for the sets are completely up to you, and will be made clear on the download page. If you think you can help, email John at john@ofla.info. Don't let those old level sets rot away - share them with the world. Well, a few sad geeks on the internet, anyway.

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